Mom Killed in Horrific Accident!




Although the baby was alive during the delivery, Arizona police say that she is in critical condition. It’s sad that the baby girl will never get to meet her mother, but hopefully this will bring the family closer together by raising the infant.


Internship Daily Recap: First Day


Good Morning!

You guys let me just say, I LOVED MY FIRST DAY =D!!! It was pretty laid back, and I’m pretty sure it’s like that on “First Days” at The Refuge Group however; I’ve had my share of hectic “First Days”.

I can recall when I began working at an accessory store – that shall remain nameless, that first day I literally felt like I was thrown to the lions. I was asked to come into the store as scheduled, and was told the boss and owner would come in later to train me. I was left to run the store alone.

To make matters slightly worse, I have never really been comfortable cashiering and hadn’t had any formal training on this particular job. Prices weren’t marked on many of the items, so I had to guess prices (so scary), and there was no price list posted anywhere in the store. I had to actually call my boss what seemed to me like every two minutes to give an inquiring customer a price. It was awful to me I mean it seemed as if I was incompetent as if I didn’t know my job. I was faking like I knew how to handle every transaction, thankfully the customers helped me.

So if you’re wondering, the owner never came in, she called the shop instead and buttered me up (encouraged me) saying she felt like I could handle it and she trusted me. Boy was the pressure on after that! I was in prayer the whole day “Lord please don’t let me give away too much of this lady’s money, oh and in my attempts to focus please remind me to smile and God please allow me to at least look as if I’m holding it together. And in that low, quick voice we sometimes use after impromptu prayer, InJesusNameAmen.” I said making a five word phrase into one word.

Miraculously I made it through that first day, so this first day at Refuge Marketing, I was certain I could make it through and I did.

This first day, felt as if I was doing in an office on purpose, what I do at home for leisure! It was great, I didn’t want to leave. I was literally third to the last to leave the office and I look forward to today. I hope I get the same “not wanting to leave because I’m enjoying this” feeling each day I work. If that happens I will consider this internship a complete and utter success!


Until next time,

CIAO beaus & belles )!!

Instagram Blunders?

The word is out faster than the speed of light about Instagram’s alleged decision to sell it’s users photos.

According to AP reports Instagram hinted in blogposts that it reserves the right to sell and use users photos for promotion on Facebook. The post however, did not go into detail about the terms of the new policy change that is set to go into effect Jan 16, 2013. Users took to Twitter and Facebook to vent about the vague changes and even threatened to delete their accounts.
If users are not compensated for their photos being used, I do not believe this will go over well. Instagram could at least pay the people whose they decide to use.


What is “Speak”?


Speak is a short documentary film produced, written, directed, and promoted by students of Texas Southern University school of communication.  This is a redemptive documentary that explores the lives of two young women who were sexually abused during their childhood. This film was first introduced to some students and faculty a year ago during the school’s annual “Communications Week”; the film was a hit.

Faculty and students alike, gave rave reviews about the transparency, courage, and strength of the films two main characters Kentra Gilbert 25, and Jude’ Ivy 26, and the necessity of the film. ” It was as if people were saying FINALLY, somebody is saying something about it.” said a student who wished to have his identity concealed.

The film touches on an all too familiar taboo, sexual abuse. The story gives details about the two ladies sexual abuse experiences with someone they both knew. Since the films first screening, the director and producer Stephanie Madrid, 22, and Krishunda Goodman 35, entered it into local and foreign film festivals. The short documentary garnered a REMI award,  the highest award of it’s category in the Houston World-Fest International Film Festival in 2011. It was also an official selection in the Mid-Atlantic Film Festival (2011). It is an official selection in  the Annual 20th African Diaspora International Film Festival in New York City (2012) and most recently the Hayti Heritage Center Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina (2012).

We are so proud of our fellow Texas Southern Tigers and wish them all the best in their efforts to speak out against sexual abuse.

If you or anyone you know has been or is being sexually abused please call The RAINN Hotline 1.800.656.-H.O.P.E.

To learn how to donate to Speak visit this website

Texas Southern University Watch Party!!!!!!

The party music is blaring, but the atmosphere is one of anticipation, and emotions are running high. The game room is filled with students concerned about how their vote will sway this election or if it will have an effect on it all. Many college students voted for the first time this year, and I fear if this election doesn’t yield the results they hope for, they maybe disgusted and choose not to vote in the future.

Hopefully my thoughts are inaccurate, one thing is for certain the youth vote represented in this room is impressive and exciting. I’m extremely proud to see young students interested  even in the slightest bit in this political process.

– Jude’ I.